1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 cloves, minced garlic
1 cup grapefruit juice, divided
1 cup A1 steak sauce, divided
5 tbsp. brown sugar, divided
3lb. sirloin steak
3 tbsp. butter
3 cups grapefruit segments, cut into chunks
1 cup thinly sliced red onion
12 10-inch flour tortillas
9 cups shredded lettuce
2 cups diced tomatoes


Preparing the marinade:
Combine the vegetable oil, garlic, 4oz. of grapefruit juice, 3oz. of A1, and 1 1/2oz of brown sugar.
Pour over steak. Cover and refrigerate for 4-6 hours, turning occasionally.

To make the sauce:
Saute and melt butter in a sauté pan. Add the remaining sugar and stir until melted. Add the grapefruit sections and red onion. Saute until lightly caramelized. Add the remaining 5oz. of steak sauce and 4oz. of grapefruit juice. Remove from heat. Reserve until needed.

Remove the steak from the marinade. Grill to desired doneness. Slice into 1/8-inch thin slices.
Refrigerate until needed.

For each serving, toast 1 tortilla for 15 seconds on each side. Arrange 1 1/2oz. of lettuce, 1oz. of tomatoes, 2 tbsp. of sauce and 3oz. of the steak on one half of the tortilla. Roll tightly from the fill end. Cut in half along the bias and secure each half with a toothpick.

Yield: 12 servings